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something in polish

All the members of my family love watching films and series together, especcially polish, old ones. There are many movies, which we know by heart, we can quote dialogues and watch it milion times, for example Co mi zrobisz, jak mnie złapiesz, Miś, Żółty szalik, Psy, Szczęśliwego Nowego Jorku and many many others. It may seem strange, because most of my friends doesn't like those films or just doesn't know them. 
Anyway, the most important place in our familiar movie preferences belongs to two tv series: Czterej Pancerni i Pies and Daleko od szosy. The first one was produced in 1966, so is coeval with my mum! Furthermore I think it's the first series which I've ever watched in my life. When my parents were young Czterej Pancerni was on of the few tv series, so they have good memories connected with it. Anyway, for my point of view, that series has a special, magic charm - it's easy to see the artificiality of many scenes, not the best quality and some people claim that this series doesn't present the truth about the relations between polish and russian army (it's important to remember, that this is only a series, so it's a fiction!), but at the same time I like to watch it. The dialogues are often very funny, all the characters are different and we can easily become attached to them. I know that this is only an old, polish series which describes the adventures of four soldiers (and the dog!) but I really like it. 
Daleko od szosy. The second favourite series of my family and personally my favourite polish series EVER. Moreover, the main role played by Krzysztof Stroiński, for me is one of the best played role in a history of polish movie. That series is so authentic, so genuine, describes the reality of Poland in the late seventies. The main character - Leszek - is an ordinary person, who has a lot of ideas and dreams but unfortunately has a few opportunities for fulfilling them. He is full of energy, has an enormous internal force, is confident and graceful. His naturalness and ingenuity make that it's not possible to don't like him. 
It's one of the few characters which I like so much. I like him much more than any of so famous and popular hollywood characters.
So, I encourage to watch it, on my family's recommendation :) 

                                                           Daleko od szosy (dir. Zbigniew Chmielewski)

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